"Tumble Time" Extra 300 Specifications:

Tumble Time Extra 300 SPECIFICATIONS

Price: $225,000

Engine make/model: AEIO-540 L1B5

Horsepower @ rpm: 350 @ 2700

Horsepower for takeoff: 350

TBO hours: 2000

Fuel type: 100LL

Propeller make/type: 3-blade/CS

Landing gear type: Fixed TD

Max ramp weight (lbs.): 2095 (normal cat.)

Gross weight (Lbs.): 2095

Max landing weight (Lbs.): 2095

Empty weight (std..) (Lbs.): 1470

Useful load (std.) (Lbs.): 625

Payload (full std. fuel) (Lbs.): 371

Fuel capacity (std.) (gals): 42.3

Usable fuel (std.) (gals): 41

Oil capacity (quarts): 12

Wingspan: 26.25 ft.

Overall length: 23.36 ft.

Height: 8.6 ft.

Wing area (sq. ft.):115.2

Wing loading (lbs/Sq. ft.): 18.18

Power loading (Lbs./hp): 6.98

Wheel track (ft.): 11.47

Wheel size: 5.00x5

Seating capacity: 2

Baggage capacity (Lbs.): 25


Max level speed (knots): 200

Turbulent air penetration speed (knots): 158

Best rate of climb (fpm) 3200

Rate of climb (8000 ft.) (fpm): 2320

Service ceiling (ft.): 16,000

Takeoff ground roll (ft.): 315

Takeoff over 50-ft. obstacle (ft.):679

Landing ground roll (ft.): 561

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