Tote-A-Shed provides on-site storage options for businesses and individuals
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Tote-A-Shed Online Order Form VISA & Mastercard Accepted

NOTE: If you prefer not to use our Online Order Form, as an alternative, you may save
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Your Information
Your Name Company Name
Street Address E-Mail Address
City, State, Zip Phone #
Order Information
Delivery Address Cross Street
City, State, Zip Contact Name
Delivery Date Container Size
8' x 8.5' x 16'
8' x 8.5' x 20'
8' x 8.5' x 21'
8' x 8.5' x 24'
8' x 8.5' x 40'
Container will be used for:
Credit Card #
Expiration Date.

Electronic Signature
Your electronic signature below serves as acknowledgement that the person signing this Tote-A-Shed order hereby certifies that he/she is authorized to execute this order for storage rental for the business or person named above, and that all information is true, correct and complete.  To formalize this order, please provide authorized electronic signature below and submit the form.

For more information or to order, please call:

1-800-423-TOTE (8683)

Or e-mail us by clicking here: Tote-A-Shed

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