Rocky Hill Airshows, Inc.

Company: Rocky Hill Airshows Inc.

Contact: Rocky Hill

Address: 348 Phelan Ave. San Jose, CA 95112

Bus.: (408) 297-7906

Fax: (408) 294-4519

Type of Act: Solo Aerobatic or Dual routine with selected performers

Description of Act: High energy gyroscopic. Lots of trademark tumbling, ribon cuts ground level acro. Lots of smoke always exciting...

Duration of Performance: 12 minutes.

Is twilight or nighttime performance available? Twilight.

First Year Performed: 1994.

Number of Performances Flown: 75.

Geographic Area Served: Western and Central United States and Western Canada.

Waiver Type: Ground Level & Formation.

Additional Information: Photo plane also available.

Description of Aircraft: An Extra 300, two-seat monoplane, designed and built in Germany for Unlimited aerobatics.

Amount & Type of Fuel Used Per Performance: 10 gallons - 100 LL.

Amount & Type of Smoke Oil Used Per Performance: 10 gallons - Corvus or similar quality.

Are press and VIP rides available? Yes, Within limit.

Type of Promotional Material Available: Press kits, promotional video, press releases, color and black and white photos, autographed photos for spectators.

Hotel Accommodation Requirements: 2 Rooms non smoking.

Vehicle Requirements: 1 full size car or van.

Hangar Requirements: Hangar each night.

Other Requirements: Adequate security each day.

Airshow References:

Airshow ---------------------------------------------------------Contact Person -------------------------Phone -----------------Fax

El Toro Air Show - MCAS El Toro, Calif. ---------------Ed Downum--------------------------- (714) 726-3801--- (714) 726-3407

Miramar Naval Airshow- Sna Diego, CA ----------------Rick Soule-----------------------------(619) 573-4119--- (619) 537-4122

California International Airshow Salinas, CA-----------Harry Wardwell----------------------(408) 754-1983--- (408) 754-0808